International Congresses on
Personal Construct Psychology

In 1975, Al Landfield achieved a major event for personal construct psychology. The University of Nebraska agreed that the very well established Nebraska Symposium on Motivation would be devoted solely to personal construct psychology. The late Professor Fay Fransella attended this event and was impressed by the international gathering of interested people there. With the agreement of Don Bannister and Miller Mair, the first International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology was held at Churchill College, Oxford University, England in 1977. Fay Fransella decided that the 1977 Congress should be named "the Second" Congress so as to recognise Al Landfield’s achievement in 1975.

The 21st PCP International Congress will be held in 2015 at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK on 15th July to 17th July 2015. Pre-Congress workshops will be held on Tuesday 14th July 2015 and off-campus trips will take place on Saturday, 18th July 2015. The theme of the Congress will be: PCP at 60: Past, Present and Future.  

The International Congresses after the one held in Oxford in 1977 are as follows:

1979 Breukelen, Holland

1981 Brock University, Ontario, Canada

1983 Boston, USA

1985 Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

1987 Memphis, USA

1989 Assisi, Italy

1991 Albany, New York

1993 Townsville, Australia

1995 Barcelona, Spain

1997 Seattle, USA

1999 Berlin, Germany

2001 Wollongong, Australia

2003 Huddersfield, UK

2005 Ohio, U.S.A

2007 Brisbane, Australia

2009  July 20-24 Venice, Italy.

2011 Boston, United States

2013 Sydney, Australia  


Not all hard work

Beverly Walker, Spencer McWilliams, Gavin Dunnett

Rue Cromwell, Steven Sharpless, Bob Neimeyer,
Bill Warren, David Savage and Jacqui Costigan (from left to right)

Bill Perry and Fay Fransella enjoying a Congress

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