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George Kelly

When Kelly launched his Psychology of Personal Constructs on to the world in 1955 it was revolutionary. Some aspects of it still are the 21st century. Perhaps because of that, there are now people working with personal construct theory and its methods of inquiry and change all around the world.  Major areas of study include: education; psychotherapy and counselling; coaching; organisational and management development and the nature of construing itself.  Many of those studies use Kelly's main method of assessment, the repertory grid.

The Centre for Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) was founded in London in 1981 by Professor Fay Fransella. She wanted to encourage as many people as possible to learn about George Kelly’s psychology and its usefulness for understanding others as well as ourselves. We are very sad to report that Professor Fay Fransella died on 14th January 2011. 

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The Centre is part of the School of Psychology, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK. The Director of the Centre is Nick Reed and Professor David Winter is Consultant to the Centre. More information about the history of the Centre can be found here. Details about the present structure of the Centre can be found here Links to other personal construct psychology websites can be found by clicking here.

The Centre offers distance learning courses in personal construct psychology (PCP) and its methods of inquiry and PCP workshops to anyone who is interested in this approach to personal understanding. The Centre also offers personal and organisational development services to individuals and to organisations.

PCP has its own methodologies, the best known of which are the repertory grid and the self-characterisation.

The Centre's free newsletter is called "The Constructive Interventionist".  To subscribe to the please email Nick Reed.

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