Services to Individuals Offered by the Centre for Personal Construct Psychology

Courses in Personal Construct Psychology

The Centre offers distance learning courses in personal construct psychology and its methods of inquiry and change as well as face-to-face workshops. These courses and workshops are for anyone who is interested in the theory and practice of personal construct psychology and its methodologies.   Willfred Grayling (a past Professor of Applied Linguistics) had this to say about the course:

"[ I ] found the course most informative, especially in its aim to develop an integrative competence: theory and applied practice are not seen as separate.  Rather, [ I ] was forced to reflect on the reciprocal relationship between theoretical constructs and the application of PCP methods."

The Centre can provide PCP based workshops ‘in-house’ on your own premises, if required.

‘One to one’ personal tuition on PCP and its methodologies is also available.

Access to the ‘Fransella Collection’ of PCP Resources

Fay Fransella has established a special collection of PCP books, theses, papers and other materials, which is housed at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK. The Fransella PCP Collection consists of the majority of George Kelly's unpublished manuscripts and most of the books on personal construct psychology that have been published. To access the Collection, in the first instance please email Fay Fransella.


The Centre provides a personal construct coaching service.  For further details of this service please email Nick Reed the Director of the Centre.


Debbie Paizee, a manager of a psychotherapy practice in South Africa, says this about the distance learning course in her self-characterisation:

"Debbie has found the PCP course to be informative and the feedback received very helpful.  The notes were comprehensive and provided an excellent overview and introduction to the PCP theory and its methods of enquiry."

Sally Gritten (an Executive Coach) took the Centre's Distance Learning Course on Personal Construct Psychology and its Methods of Inquiry and says that she is now:

"integrating PCP into (her) coaching practice."

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